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16 plants(1 flat) $65.00



Yarrow a drought tolerant perennial herb native to Europe, it has naturalized throughout temperate North America. The species name, mille folium-of a thousand leaves-describes the fine, feathery foliage which resembles a fern. Flowers are in clusters forming a flat white top usually affixed to a single stem. Yarrow can endure dry, impoverished soil and survive with little maintenance. Requires full sun. A true perennial taking two years to become established.

It grows 8 - 24" high; finely divided leaves, feather-like; stem covered in soft hairs; tiny white flowers massed into flat-topped flower heads. Poor soil, gravel pits, forest edges, clearings, vacant lots.

All parts of the yarrow plant will make tea, but the flowers are easiest to collect. It is used as a tonic, stimulant, for menstrual and vaginal problems, bronchitis, for venereal disease and as a douche. It is powdered and snuffed for headaches. Athabascans use the tea as a wash for sore eyes and for the skin, as a hot pack for aches and sores, as a remedy for bedwetting; powdered leaves are used as a disinfectant; plant is rubbed on fresh as a mosquito repellant.

Floral arrangers and decorators us whole dried yarrow plants. Straight, sturdy yarrow stalks are traditionally used to throw the I Ching.


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