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Spearmint was used by ancient civilizations as a flavoring herb, culinary condiment, and in perfumes and bath scents. Spearmint is native to Asia. The Latin name literally means "spiky mint" as the genus name Mentha translates to "it is a mint" and the species name spicata to "it is like a spike". The source of Latin menta and Greek mínthee is unknown. Its common name is green mint, spire mint, garden mint, lamb mint. Its Arabic name is Na’na. Spearmint is probably the best known true mint.  

It has rich green leaves, grows two to three feet in height, and has spikes of pink flowers. It comes in both curly and plain leaved types. There are several forms of Garden Mint, the true variety being of bold, upright growth, with fairly large and broad leaves, pointed and sharply serrated (or toothed) at the edges and of a rich, bright, green color.

They are very popular for flavoring cold soups, beverages and meats, together with thyme, spearmint is the most important culinary herb in Britain. Spearmint is the mint to use for the famous and often dreaded “peppermint” sauce served to boiled lamb. When eaten with lamb, very finely chopped in sweetened vinegar, in the form of mint sauce, mint greatly aids the digestion, as it makes the crude, albuminous fibres of the immature meat more digestible


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