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Shiso (Perilla) is either red or green, the red perilla having an anise flavor and slightly less spicy than the green variety, which tastes more like cinnamon.

Shiso (Perilla) definitely demands to be treated like a warm weather annual plant. Set it out in pots or plant it outside when it's warm, in full sun. Or keep it as a houseplant or in the greenhouse. Shiso seems to have no particular pests apart from earwigs, and is not eaten by deer. But Shiso (Perilla) can't stand crowding, and it does need an adequate quantity of good soil, unlike many herbs.

Shiso leaves can be used whole or cut into strips, use the flower buds by collecting the seeds at the end of the season to sprinkle on salad and rice.

The Japanese, in particular, use the red variety to color umeboshi and pickled ginger. Shiso (Perilla) seeds form an essential part of the famous seven spices of Japan, which originated more than 300 years ago in Kyoto. Green Shiso (Perilla) leaves are often wrapped around sushi or served with "sashimi" as a garnish. They also are added to soups, tempura or dried and sprinkled over rice. Japanese chefs add red Shiso (Perilla) to tofu or bean curd dishes or use it wrapped around pieces of meat.


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