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16 plants(1 flat) $65.00


Lemon Verbena is a great herb for growing in window boxes. It does well indoors in a sunny window. Chefs value this herb as a companion to citrus lemon because its flavor holds up in cooking. Great for fruit salads, jam, jelly, and candy.

If you like lemon, this is the herb for you! It has a very lemony taste without any bitterness. Originating from Central and South America, this herb was carried home by Spanish explorers in the seventeenth century. It's popularity quickly spread throughout Europe.

Sprinkle over salads and vegetables for a wonderful lemony flavor. Use to create flavor in stuffing for meat or poultry. Stir into cottage cheese. Makes a refreshing tea in combination with mint or alone. Wonderful as a garnish for iced tea.

Use liberally when on a low salt diet. Also try combining lemon verbena with dried celery, ground peppercorns, Lovage leaves or any mix of herbs and spices that taste well with lemon as a mild seasoning mixture.


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