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16 plants(1 flat) $65.00


Horseradish is originally native to Eastern Europe, this herb now grows abundantly in the US as well. Grated bottled and creamed horseradish is available, as well as a dried form, which must be reconstituted before using.

This ancient herb (one of the five bitter herbs of the Jewish Passover festival). It is grown mainly for its pungent spicy roots

Fresh horseradish is in many supermarkets. Choose roots that are firm with no sign of blemishes or withering. The roots should be peeled and grated before using. Store in the refrigerator in plastic bags.

It's most often grated and used in sauces or as a condiment with fish or meat. Mix with sour cream for a tasty sauce for brisket or roast beef or use as a sandwich spread.


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