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16 plants(1 flat) $65.00


Garlic Chives are hardy perennials and can be easily grown in any herb garden. The foliage is flat rather than hollow, likes regular chives. They grow to about twelve inches high. The flower stalks grow up to 30 inches high, topped with greenish-white flower heads which are quite showy.

Garlic chives can be used like regular chives where you want to add a subtle garlic flavor in uncooked dishes where raw regular garlic would be overwhelming or too spicy. This herb is a great replacement for garlic salts and powdered garlic

This herb is particularly good in Oriental dishes especially Oriental soups. Finely chopped blades are great added to stir-frys and egg dishes.

As with regular chives, garlic chives are harvested by shearing the leaves at ground level. Older leaves become coarse, so shear the plants occasionally even if you have no immediate use for the herb. This will encourage the plants to produce the desirable tender shoots.

Garlic Chives do make a very small bulb that can be used like a small green onion. Harvest bulbs before the flower opens, while it is just a bud. Be sure to leave some bulbs in the ground so they will continue to make more.



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