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16 plants(1 flat) $65.00


Cilantro is also known as a Coriander Plant, Chinese Parsley, Yeun Sai and Japanese Parsley. It is readily available fresh or dried in most grocery markets.

Cilantro is used in many cuisine around the world. Most notably it is used to enliven Mexican and South American food as well as as Thai and Vietnamese.

This is a multiethnic herb that is used in everything from delicate Asian spring rolls to substantial Mexican dishes. Cilantro is the leaf part of the coriander plant. It's unique flavor is quite distinctive and can liven up even a simple chicken broth.

Cilantro has a faint overtone of anise and a somewhat delicate peppery taste. Use cilantro in tacos, salsas, soups, stews, chicken and rice, salads, tomato based sauces and as a garnish. Use sparingly.



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