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16 plants(1 flat) $65.00


Catnip is a member of the Mint family, Catnip is an aromatic, strong smelling herb. It has clusters of white or purplish-blue flowers atop toothy, heart shaped leaves with a light gray colored fuzz on the leaf.

There is also an uncommon yellow variety. The leaves have a lemon-mint flavor and scent. It is fun to grow for your cats, and for tea for you.

Catnip is a perennial, and grows two to three feet. It is native to North America. In addition to cats, bees are also fond of Catnip. Make sure to leave plenty of room to grow catnip  - it will often overcrowd many of your other herbs, flowers or plants.

Aside from using it to drive your cats kooky - catnip has documented herbal remedy benefits: Used for reducing chickenpox and measle eruptions. Lowers fever. Useful herb for insomnia - even in children. Helps relieve digestive disturbances and stomach flu's.

This herb has a gentle carminative action. An infusion is given to children and nursing mothers to help expel trapped gas. It also safely induces sleep without any grogginess the next morning.



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