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Our Herbs... are grown by safe and natural methods of farming, produces a product that is safe and healthy for the whole family. We do not use toxic chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. Instead we follow a natural method of organic composting and cover crops to upgrade and preserve our land for the next generation.  


Gardens To Go... allow the lovers of flora to bring the outdoors into their homes and accent the décor or in the case of many rented spaces liven up the whitewashed walls and sharp corners a bit.  You can take them outdoors, put them on the patio, put them in your living room or set them along that half wall  in your stairwell.  Portable planters make great accents to just about any portion of your home and garden.


Green Gifts... we have selected some of our favorite blends of fresh herbs/spices for culinary use, they are much fresher than the grocery store lines and much less expensive! They are bagged and in  tins so you can store them conveniently. Check out our selection of herbal teas,  savory and sweet jellies are delectable and will surprising  compliment a variety of foods when used as a condiment or glaze for meat, poultry or vegetables, they make the perfect gift for any one who likes to cook!  We are also introducing for the first time a complete line of herbal soaps and baths for those having discriminating taste and like to be pampered with fresh herbal essences, again these make the perfect gift.


Seasonal & Event Gifts... especially notice our unique wreaths, centerpieces, gift baskets and more. The more meaning you associate with the decorations and  accents in your home and business the more you can create a special sanctuary that will allow  you to relax, renew yourself, and feel peace of mind when your life becomes to stressful, tense, or hectic.




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